Video: Samsung Media Square, Collectively Share your Media

Jan 13, 2016


Media Square - a connected experience

Our media devices are increasingly becoming more connected as we diverge further from the the one user, one device, one app setup that we are used to, as this does not apply to an environment that has multiple devices, with lots of media that can be shared to Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Jinha Lee is the team leader working on Samsung Media Square, a new concept of a connected environment, where your device is your user id and your controller in one. There is now no need to be fighting over a single TV remote controller.

Media Square transforms your TV into a canvas where multiple users can get involved and push media to the TV, effectively pinning it onto the "Board". The type of Interaction various depending on the type of media pinned to the board, may it be pictures, videos, music, or locations. The whole idea is to make communication a more more intimate and inclusive experience for all users.

Check out the video below to see the concept in action. We would expect the user Interface to be more refined by the time it comes to actually launching it on one of the Samsung TVs.


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