Samsung wants to unify content platforms using a "Singular Idea"

Mr. Won Jin Lee stated that they are now implementing the Singular idea to try to unify multiple content providers into their Television’s Tizen based open platform. 
Jan 15, 2016

Recently, we have been seeing a lot of push given to the idea of maintaining an Open Platform strategy by Samsung. The Family Hub Refrigerator and Samsung's new SUHD TVs were made specifically keeping this strategy in mind. Samsung with its Tizen based Open Web Platform, is looking at merging services from various companies and channel them out in a more simplified way that is easily accessible to the users. Samsung calls this as the Singular Idea and wants to get this as a norm on all its future Televisions.


We have seen in the past, people complaining over limited number of HDMI ports on their TVs and even going to the lengths to buy HDMI extensions,switches etc. The reason behind this has to do with the vast options available to stream content to the TV like Blue-ray players,Cable TV, Direct to Home Set Top Boxes, Gaming Consoles, Video on Demand services, Chromecast, Apple TV,etc. The contents from these services might be entertaining but the process of getting them on the TV has rather been a pain until now, with an average living room plagued with multiple remote controls which the consumer needs to get used to.

In a recent video interview, Samsung's Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business, Mr. Won Jin Lee stated that they are now implementing the Singular idea to fix this mess and try to unify multiple content providers into their Television's Tizen based open platform. With all that content in one place, he also stated that to prevent it from cluttering they're giving top priority to have a seamless User Experience (UX) on Samsung's very own SmartHub interface.

Lee further explained that the challenge they currently face is to convince this huge list of service based companies to adapt Samsung's Singular idea irrespective of having their potential "rival" companies sharing content on the same platform. He also gave an example of how they had worked for months with two MVPDs [multi-channel video programming distributors] Dish Network and Time Warner Cable, that had for the first time ever partnered with a Consumer Electronics brand like Samsung to join the Singular idea of streaming content.

Samsung's new Smart Control TV remote applies the same Singular idea into pre-existing appliances and basically make it work as an universal remote control however, with less buttons and a simplified interface that can recognize a plethora of connected devices,set-top boxes,blue-ray players,gaming consoles,etc and make controlling them a whole lot easier.

Simplifying user experience is one part of the story, but with this Singular idea Samsung seems to be all set to explore newer markets that it has not yet penetrated into and basically make more money out of it.

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