App: Download Manager for Samsung Z1 / Z3 is Available in Tizen Store

Feb 11, 2016

Download Manager for Tizen Smartphones, namely the Samsung Z1 and Z3, is a powerful download speed booster and an advanced download manager combined into one. A must-have app for the power user that wants to download files off the Internet in a fast and efficient manner.

Why Download Manager

  • It is totally free with unlimited access to all features unlimited download unlimited file size.
  • It is tiny about 0.3 MB file size but rich of capability.
  • Support all file types.
  • User can specify maximum and minimum speed limit per downloads or can setup a global limit for the downloads.
  • Include pause and resume feature with supported links.
  • You can add many URLs to download simultaneously or store them in a queue for later download.
  • Auto catch download links whenever you copy to clipboard or open a downloadable link.
  • Work in background and even when the phone screen is off.

How to use

  • To download general files
  • Tap the Download icon on the top right hand side and insert the URL link
  • Or you can click the file link and select to download with Download Manager

To download music or video

  • Navigate to your favorite website through phone's built in browser and play the video or music
  • The application will automatically catch the download link
  • What to expect in update
  • Database support
  • Priority based download


The app developers appreciate if you can leave feedback in order for them to further Improve the app.

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