Mr. Task is the newest task manager in town for the Samsung Z1 and Z3

Feb 13, 2016


While the Samsung Z3 is a decent smartphone in the budget segment, but is still suffering from a weak app ecosystem that is slowly growing. Mr.Task is the latest app released to the tizen Store with an aim to categorize your tasks based on your priority, and possibly replace your personal assistant (if you ever had one) to remind you about your daily chores.

This task assistant app integrates Android's popular Material design for its UI with a card based interface and popping colors (even more popping on the sAMOLED Z3). The app requests you to create an account to explore the full potential that it has to offer, however there's also an offline mode with a few services cut. Groups can be made based on your liking or priority and they can be used to enter the Tasks that you will have to complete. Once you've listed a task, long pressing on it opens up the edit option where you can find all the relevant details of the task like time-frame, text information, images and even location details. Additionally, any task in any group can be marked important by the user and that will be moved up into the important list.

The app weighs a total of 5.16MB and is supported on both the Z3 and Z1 (Tizen OS 2.3.1+). So, head over to the Tizen store and manage your tasks on the app and maybe consider doing them in real life!


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