Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge leaked with a Tizen twist

A press render image has leaked of the Samsung Galaxy S7 ahead of MWC. Interesting thing is that it seems to be displaying the Tizen pinwheel logo ???
Feb 17, 2016

Samsung holds much hope for their upcoming flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and in-line with the usual new flagship frenzy we have had several leaks of the devices, all being just ahead of their February 21 unveiling at Mobile World Congress (MWC). One of the leaked pictures is reportedly a press release render of the devices, and this is the one that is Intrguing to us here at Tizen Experts. Now the S7 will launch with Android, that is pretty much a given, but the thing of Interest is the graphics that is being shown displayed over both Smartphones.


As you can see from the above picture it has an image on both handsets and we can't shake the fact that it looks like the end of our Tizen Pinwheel, what else could it be? Now we are not saying that the S7 will release with Tizen, but there has to be a reason that it has Inherited the Tizen graphics.


MWC 2016 is only around the corner and we would be elated to know there was a Galaxy S7 edge variant running Tizen, but sadly I doubt that will be the case. If we are lucky we could have a Samsung Galaxy S5 running Tizen soon, but I highly doubt it will be at MWC with the Samsung Developer Conference to be an Ideal place to have this type of developer giveaway.

Maybe Samsung will hear our prayers and give potential Tizen developers a fully working high-end Smartphone that has a functional modem, unlike previous lunch box giveaways, something they can use as their everyday device. The other big ask for this device is that it allows the side loading of any TPK or WGT Tizen application file the developer wants, without security or certificate restrictions, a totally hackable device 🙂

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