Samsung adds vein recognition on smartwatches to its list of patents

In the latest patent filing by Samsung, we see vein recognition on smartwatches as a way to authenticate the user on Tizen smartwatches. 
Feb 10, 2016

When looking towards a big company like Samsung, you keep expecting for crazy things to come out of their R&D centres frequently. A patent to go with them is something that we have seen companies being accustomed, to safeguard their ideas. A recent patent application from Samsung goes hand in hand (no pun intended) with its list of crazy ideas, enabling a new level of authentication on a smartwatch by Vein recognition!

samsung-smartwatch-vein-recognition-patent-1The vein recognition will work just like the way fingerprint scanners work by comparing an input fingerprint with a pre-stored fingerprint submitted by the owner of the device. Samsung details that a camera and two light emitters will be placed on the edge closest to the back of the hand through which the vein pattern will be read. Additionally, the user's heart rate can also be used to authenticate with the help of the heart rate monitor. While the possibilities with this sort of authentication is endless, like playing music of the user's liking, security for mobile payments, IoT authentication, smart homes and cars, etc Samsung have rather listed out simpler applications for the vein scanner like showing a user's contact lists, ringtones and playlists.


If you got your hopes up for this kind of tech to soon come to a Samsung smartwatch, then you're in for a sad reality check since big firms like Samsung keep filing patents but only a few of those concepts turn up on to actual devices sold in the market. We're keeping our fingers crossed on this one though with positive hopes.

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