Samsung files the trademark for Gear Iconx

Samsung back in Korea have filed a trademark for Gear Iconx, which is a type of earpiece device. Could this device fit in with Samsung's Tizen IoT strategy?
Feb 23, 2016


All tech eyes are currently focusing on what is currently being unveiled at Mobile World Congress, but back in Samsung's home country of Korea they have filed a trademark Gear Iconx. Looking at the trademark itself we are finding it hard to pin down exactly what it is.

The associated documentation for the trademark assigns the device to several product categories that include glasses, earpieces, headsets, fitness & exercise devices, and heart rate monitoring sensors. This seems like some type of earpiece that has Integrated sensors with connectivity to a Smartphone. There is no Information if Tizen is beating at its heart but with the current trend of Samsung increasing utilising Tizen for its IoT and smart devices, it could be the case.


We are not sure where the Gear Iconx fits in with modern tech life and how this earpiece brings the "smart functionality" home (as such), but we should see the product coming to market soon.

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