Samsung to release the first GSMA compliant Gear S2 3G with eSim

Today, Samsung announced that more variants of the Gear S2 classic will soon be released with 3G support, an eSIM for the Gear S2 Classic Tizen smartwatch
Feb 18, 2016

Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatches have single handedly brought the firm back in the wearable electronics game so far. Samsung has made full use of this success by launching multiple variants of the Gear S2 like the sports, classic and 3G editions. Samsung even went to the lengths of launching premium Rose Gold and Titanium editions of the Gear S2 recently, proving a point of how confident the company is on its Tizen based smartwatch. Today, Samsung announced that more variants of the Gear S2 classic will soon be released with 3G support, but unlike the already announced 3G Gear S2 that houses a slot for a physical sim card (update: Turns out that the initial Gear S2 3G also had eSim but was carrier locked), this new variant will be featuring the technology of the future- the eSim.


To those unaware of what an eSim is, it is an embedded module that will be fixed into a device by the manufacturer and behaves like a regular sim card. eSims can enable users to instantly change their network providers (carriers), making roaming charges a thing of the past. The eSim on the Gear S2 will be GSMA compliant following all the guidelines and specifications set by the body. Samsung have worked with multiple partners to bring the eSim based Gear S2 into existence. Vodafone for example have already announced support for the device. Patrick Chomet, Group Terminals Director, Vodafone Group announced that they will be partnering to bring the eSim enabled Gear S2 into Germany.

The eSim technology has so far been embraced by multiple consumer electronics brands like LG,Huawei, Samsung, HTC,etc and a number of carrier providers like Verizon, Vodafone and AT&T. With more devices adapting to this technology in the future, problems faced by current smartphone users like having two devices, or whining over a smartphone with an hybrid sim slot, waiting to port carriers for a better data plan can all be waved a good bye while you change carriers on the go.


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