Next Tizen Smartphone Samsung Z5 SM-Z510FD begins testing in India

We have seen Samsung importing parts to India for testing. The Samsung Z5 Tizen smartphone SM-Z510FD. This is the next Tizen flagship device to release soon
Feb 22, 2016


Samsung Z5 Tizen Smartphone

Last year we saw the release of the first Tizen Smartphones, the Samsung Z1 and Z3, with the Z1 releasing in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Z3 has only been released in India, but despite the limited availability we still have already had over 3 million handsets sold, which is a great feat for a little known Operating System (OS).

For 2016 we were hoping for Samsung to continue the Tizen Smartphone momentum and it looks like they will not disappoint with evidence that a newer Tizen Smartphone is being imported to India for testing. Rear metal assembly parts for a mobile phone have been imported for a model number SM-Z510FD, and looking at previous naming conventions means it should be called the Samsung Z5 on release.


We’ve noted that the Samsung Z3 had similar specs as the previously released Android Samsung S3, so we can guess that the Z5 “might” have similar specs as the Samsung S5, which is a good thing as it would run far faster, more stable and better battery with Tizen running under the hood. A device that has a Snapdragon 801 processor (or similar), 5.1 inch screen Full HD screen, 2GB RAM, NFC, Infrared and Finger print sensor would not put it in the global flagship category, but it would definitely be a high end phone just not cutting edge.

We know that Samsung has also been developing a more Intricate Tizen User Interface using more Interactive widgets than what we have already seen on the Z1 and Z3, so we might see this making its appearance on the Z5, due largely to its better processor and larger memory. Looking at previous Samsung release schedules we might see this device making its appearance in a few months time so that would mean it will be running Tizen 2.4, like present Tizen Smartphones, and not Tizen 3.0.


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One comment on “Next Tizen Smartphone Samsung Z5 SM-Z510FD begins testing in India”

  1. Interesting news. I hope that this model will finally be available in Europe. I wonder just the name of the leak - "A510FD_ZK SM-Z510FD". Is this a variant of Galaxy S5? Maybe, but the name might suggest, it will be a version of the Galaxy A5 2016. I think it's great, because it's a very good model.


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