Samsung's three most innovative Tizen products gets some artistic recognition

Feb 25, 2016

With an established R&D, there is no stopping from innovations from happening at firms like Samsung. The fact that three of these recent innovations from Samsung had been built on the slowly growing Tizen platform however, gives it a special amount of attention in the Tech community. The three products from Samsung we are talking about here are the Gear S2 smartwatch, SUHD TVs and the unconventional new Family Hub Smart Refrigerator. Samsung have decided to rejoice this moment by working closely with an Artist, Kim Seung-Bae in showing the world what the company means by its innovations and Samsung's design language in its most recent Tizen based innovations.

While the artwork gives complete justice to these new products, it is worth talking about the technical elements responsible for the popularity of these devices.

Design-Story-Samsung-Kim-Seungbae-Tizen-2While the market for wearable electronic devices like smartwatches is still a niche one, the market has no limit to the number of smartwatches out there right now. With some well built Android Wear based smartwatches and even the Apple Watch trying their go in this new area of Tech interest, there still hasn't been one particular smartwatch that has come out on top to be a market leader. The Gear S2, however came very close at being one. With a list of services that Samsung had already been a pro at like Samsung Pay, the Gear S2 made the most out of these services giving an ease of access to the user and simplifying the overall experience. The sporty futuristic design on the sports edition was a total hit and the rotating Bezel for Control was a treat to use. All these collectively helped the Gear S2 to gain its current level of Popularity.

When it comes to the Television market, Samsung has been doing well here since a long time and is now giving higher priority for innovations in their upcoming Televisions than to the mainstream features like design, picture quality,etc. Samsung has been aiming at making the Television an IoT hub for every living room and at the same time is trying to bring multiple service and content providers who may even be potent rivals in their respective field, on to one platform and fixing the content problem that every user complains about these days.

The Smart Family Hub Refrigerator, needless to say has to be one of the craziest new products from Samsung. With a huge 21 inch Tizen based Tablet slapped on to the door of the refrigerator, the new fridge had been a major talk during its launch at CES this year. Samsung claims that this fridge has the "smartness" to take pictures of its contents and alert the user in-case a food item was going low on stock. Samsung has also given access to many grocery and supplies store right from the Tablet on the Refrigerator and can also be used as an entertainment device in the Kitchen if you want it to be that way.


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