Top 20 Most Downloaded Apps for January 2016 for Samsung Z3 / Z1

Feb 11, 2016

Hey Samsung Z1 / Z3 users, here is a run down of the top 20 most downloaded apps from the Tizen store for your device during January 2016. whatsapp is still the number one app pretty much since its release, and now with voice calling on the horizon its popularity will definitely increase. Torrent downloader is a useful app if you want to download a torrent but just don't want to switch on your computer.

Another app that has been increasing in popularity is the Tizen Community app, which essentially lets you connect with the online community. SHAREit has also increased in popularity as it is now compatible with Samsung Z1 and Z3, with the caveat that the Z1 has to be running Tizen 2.4 final release.

Top 20 Popular January 2016 Apps / Games


Top 10 Apps
1. WhatsApp Messenger 2. Pattern Lock Screen
3. Max Player  4. Opera Mini Web Browser
5. SShare 6. ZamPlay  
7. Torrent Downloader 8. Gaana  
9. Photo Editor 10. FaceBook Messenger 
11. App locker    12. Tizen Community
13. FastNFurious  14. Photorika 
15. Memorable photo frame 16. Zapya WebShare
17. FlipKart 18. SHAREit
19. Photo Card 20. Photo Frames




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