Verizon begins taking pre-orders for the Gear S2 Classic 3G

Feb 23, 2016

Recently, Samsung had announced that the Gear S2 Classic 3G would be making its way into the United States. The news surrounding it was that the smartwatch would feature an eSIM which would enable instant carrier switching, but that didn't turn out to be true and that the eSIM's would be carrier locked. Verizon have now started taking pre-orders for the Gear S2 Classic 3G and have listed a price of $399.99 without contract. The smartwatch can also be pre-ordered under a 2 year contract for $349.99 and a monthly installment of $5 from the user's Verizon account.


Unlike the WiFi variant of the Gear S2 smartwatch which always requires a smartphone paired to it, the Gear S2 Classic 3G offers useful standalone functionalities (after initial pairing with a compatible smartphone) like making calls, sending and receiving texts and getting app notifications. Although, the Gear S2 can work as a standalone device for the above mentioned options, the smartwatch will still offer limited functions when the paired smartphone is not powered on and connected to the carrier network.

Despite similar appearances with an 1.2 inch circular sAMOLED display and rotating bezels, the WiFi and 3G variants of the Gear S2 classic have quite a few of differences between them. The 3G variant is slightly heavier (54g) than the WiFi variant (42g) thanks to a larger 300 mah battery compared to the WiFi variant and also makes it 2mm thicker than the 13.4 mm thick WiFi Gear S2 Classic.

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