Voxer brings Walkie-Talkie style voice chat to the Gear S2

The Voxer app is available on the Gear S2 and has a simple user interface that lets you send and receive talkie talkie type of messages.
Feb 2, 2016

Using a mere 1.2 inch touch screen to text might not be the smartest thing to do on a smartwatch, with smartphone screens getting bigger everyday texting on a much smaller screen isn't convenient either. But there certainly will be occasions when getting hold of your smartphone to send a quick message could be more painful than relying on a wearable device like the Gear S2 to the job. Voxer is one such app that has the capability to turn the Gear S2 into a Walkie-Talkie, sending voice messages (way better than typing on a smartwatch!) to your contacts.


Voxer has been around for a long time now with its app available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even PC. But the competition in those platforms is much diverse than what one can find on a Tizen based smartwatch like the Gear S2. The Voxer app on the Gear S2 has a simple user interface where the user has to touch a virtual button on the screen to start speaking and in return get a notification for replies. The app lets the user to listen to replies either directly from the Gear S2 or from any bluetooth headset or speaker. Voxer also allows the user to preview other forms of messages like text and images on the Gear S2 and even go through contact lists to start a new voice conversation. The coolest part about the app however is its ability to either have a live voice conversation (Walkie-Talkie style of-course) or listen to the voice replies later which Voxer records by default.

If this is a kind of feature that interests you, then head over to the Gear Store to download Voxer.



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