WhatsApp Voice Call BETA Program Now Open for Registration for Samsung Z1 and Z3

Feb 10, 2016

Today, Samsung has opened the registration for WhatsApp Voice calling Beta, which will enable Z1 and Z3 users to sign up and test out voice calling before it ultimately goes live. We have had some big name apps come to the Tizen Store lately, but one of the asks by users has been for WhatsApp to have the voice calling facility, which has been enjoyed by other operating systems.

The actual start date and duration of the Beta is expected to be announced later this week, which shouldn't be too far as its Wednesday already.

Information to register

In order to supply some of the Information required below you will need the "Tell Us" app that is available to download from the Tizen Store. We have not been able to find it from the UK at the moment, but hoping that is resolved soon 🙂

Test on Samsung Z1 Device


Test on Samsung Z3 Device

  • Your 15-digit device IMEI (type *#06# to get the IMEI of your device)(Z3 needs a software update to enable whatsapp beta).
  • Tell Us Account ID (Open Tell Us->Options->Settings->Account)





Account ID Telephone or Email Info




Click here to register

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