App: Photo Collage Art Make beautiful Collage with Samsung Z1 and Z3

Mar 22, 2016

Photo Collage Art app is now available for the Samsung Z1 and Z3 running on Tizen 2.4 (or later) Smartphones. You are now able to create interesting and beautiful collages. All you have to do is go into your phones gallery and select the pictures that you want to be part of the collage, that will be automatically merged together.


  • Create collage from the selected files.
  • Edit the created collage. user is allowed to perform zoom, translate, swap images.
  • Import image from any directory in phone.
  • Capture image from camera.
  • Show original.


Steps to create the collage

  1. Tap on images for creating collage or import image from any desire directory or capture the image from camera.
  2. Click on option menu. select create collage option from the menu
  3. It will create the collage.
  4. Click on option menu to save or edit or share the collage.


Steps to edit the collage.

  1. Create the collage using above steps
  2. Option menu => edit
  3. Pinch zoom in/out on any image to zoom
  4. Move finger on any image to translate.
  5. Long press on any image , then drag the thumbnail of selected image and drop on other image.
    it will swap both the images.
  6. User can save the collage after editing .





All the saved collages are stored in PhotoCollageArt folder. We have tested the Photo Collage Art app with both the Z1 and Z3 and it works well.

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