Game: Doodle Jump for Samsung Z1 and Z3 available in Tizen Store

Mar 29, 2016

Doodle Jump is one of my favorite game that I used to play all the time, countless hours dedicated to jumping around this addictive platform game. I have just downloaded the game onto my Samsung Z3 from the Tizen Store. It is so much fun and very easy to play. Games play is very simple as players only need to use the left and right arrows to move.

There are two versions of the game that you can downloaded: Doodle Jump and Doodle Jump Z3, the later being more optimized for the Z3 Smartphone. This game has been created by seona games and seems to be a port of the same game developed by Lime Sky LLC.

This game file size is less than 400K and it's compatible with Tizen 2.3+. Get downloading and have some good old fashioned platform fun!


Enjoy the game? Let us know in the comments.

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