Game: Birds on a Wire for Samsung Z1 and Z3

Mar 3, 2016

Birds on a Wire is Arcade game that is compatible with your Samsung Z1 and Z3 Tizen Smartphones running Tizen 2.0 or newer. The idea of the game is to help the birds escape from the evil witch's spell in this Zuma style arcade puzzler. Birds walk around in a trance to their ultimate doom and the only way you can help them is by shooting birds of the same colour into groups snapping them out of their trance and letting them fly to safety.

Game features

  • Battle your way through a whopping 50 levels of avian arcade adventure!
  • Pit your wits against 5 distinct game modes
  • Compete against your friends' scores via Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Use the myriad bonuses wisely to clear the levels quickly







Birds on a wire is available from the Tizen Store and is a 11.30 MB download. Happy shooting

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