Game: Drone Attack for Samsung Z1 And Z3 Available in Tizen Store

Mar 18, 2016

Drone Attack is the latest game on the Tizen store that wants to take over your free time to destroy World War 2 style enemy planes. The game-play is rather very simple however its kind of the developer to add a huge "How to play" button on the start screen of the game (maybe the same amount of attention could've been given to rectify the typos made in the instructions).


You get to control a drone/fighter jet from an aerial view, that shoots missiles non stop and all that you have to do is make sure you don't get hit by enemy plane missiles and destroy them with your non stop missiles at the same time to score points. The pink health bar on the left top keeps a track of your Drone's condition and when the bar goes down to zero, its game over. Controlling the drone's direction is just a matter of touch on the screen and the drone comes to that point on the screen (a motion controlled jet could have been more interesting IMO). A thing to remember is that the Drone's health can either go down when hit by missiles or when an enemy plane goes beyond your Drone and down the screen.


While the game-play is simple, its highly unlikely that this game would shatter download records to become a popular time buster app, however it is certain to bring back fond some memories for fans of those old 9999 in 1 game consoles.
The app measures a mere 3.23 MB and is available to download for free on the Samsung Z1 and Z3


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