Game: Gravity Race & Gravity Racer for Samsung Z1 and Z3

Gravity Race & Gravity Racer are two racing games available to download from the Tizen store for Samsung Z1 and Z3 purchased for Free and $0.99 respectively
Mar 2, 2016

Gravity Race

Gravity Race is a racing game, as the name might imply, and was originally available from the Tizen Store for $0.99 but now it is Free to Download. The idea of the game is to move the car and avoid obstacles. Get as many points as possible whilst having fun 😉 This is yet another app developed using the Unity gaming engine.


Gravity Racer

Gravity Racer is another racing app available from the Tizen store to buy for $ 1.00. You have to Master your speedy ship and defeat gravity in a high speed racer across an altered gravitational world and mad moving blocks. Fly in an incredible speed and avoid obstacles across different world to reach the longest distance and earn rewards credits for the risk you take to buy new ships and boosters.

Gravity Racer features

  • Thrilling Speedy gameplay through a hostile gravitational world and moving buildings and earn more credits.
  • Collect credits and unlock ships upgrades to help you tackle over evolving challenges.
  • Simply awesome graphics and environments.
  • More ships, worlds, Features and improvements will come with every update.
  • Built for Tizen



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