Game: Monsters Discovery for Samsung Z1 & Z3

Mar 8, 2016

Monsters Discovery is a children's game that has lots of different crazy looking monsters. kids are able to discover new monster species by coloring different monsters, but they have to be quick as it's all against the clock and you have to complete most of it before you get a star, which entitles you to get put forward to the next monster. The pace is quite fast and will keep the little ones entertained.


Draw as soon as possible to discover new monsters species!In this chapter, Jhonny Brush will be in space for an important mission to discover and to catalog new monster species in the numerus strange worlds he will visit. Each new world has some unique features, like the "plush world", populated by furry and funny creatures or the “Volcano world”, inhabited by prehistoric monsters and predators of any kind, then the “Robotic world”, the “Water world” and so on! Johnny will color the monsters as quickly as possible, as in the previous version of the game (Fastest Painter).

For this new chapter the creatures will be very colorful and cute, for more fun during drawing. There will be also the amazing “Trick & Traps”, already seen in Fastest Painter, with new types and features! Help Johnny draw and color the various monsters he finds into the space! This game is especially suitable for kids who love coloring and drawing.






Available to download now from the Tizen Store.

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