Gear S2 gets a new ceramic bracelet to flaunt its looks

Samsung Gear S2 has now got a new ceramic bracelet for those wanting a different watch strap band to make it look more unique of a proposition.
Mar 1, 2016

Samsung have tried all they can to make the Gear S2 as perfect of a smartwatch as possible, customization of the smartwatch has been given quite a lot of importance by the brand. Swapping of various bands to match your personality or the occasion takes just a matter of seconds on the Gear S2. There has been a wide range of straps to choose from for both the Gear S2 fit and the Classic edition. Now, Samsung's French website have unveiled a new ceramic bracelet in Black for the Gear S2 classic to further expand the list of bands to choose from or collect (depending on how deep those pockets are).


Like most of the ceramic smartphones that have been surfacing up these days, strength and durability is the main  aspect of the bracelet without cutting corners on the design aesthetics. The strap has a dimension of 211 x 20 x 10.38 mm and has a buckle on the inner surface which is meant to lock the watch firmly on the user's wrist. The bracelet is made of hypoallergenic materials to prevent people with sensitive skin from having any problem.

The bracelet has not made any official news in any other country apart from France at the moment but it can be expected to happen very soon.


If you're a Gear S2 fit user feeling let down since the band does not support your smartwatch then do have a look at this kickstarter campaign that aims to mount classic edition straps on to your Gear S2 fit.

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