Gear S2 software / firmware update gives you flight mode

Mar 8, 2016

The Samsung Gear S2, the company's flagship Smartwatch has received a new software / firmware update. Software version R732XXU2CPB7 has been distributed in Russia, Serbia, and South Korea so far. Some of the previous updates reached Korea and the US, but we have not been released in Europe so it's hard to say when this will be releasing for your S2.



Update features

As well as improving performance and battery life , the following are some of the other major improved features in this update:

  • Digital watch face - Assign custom watch backgrounds found locally from the watch itself, opposed to only being able to assign via the Smartphone, as it was previously.
  • Flight mode - Works by disabling all wireless communications such as 3G, WiFi, BT.
  • Adaptive brightness - The brightness of the screen automatically adjusts depending on how bright the environment is.




Did you get this update? Let us know in the comments which country you are from.

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