[Photo] Game Developers get hands on with Tizen and Unity at GDC2016

Game developers got hands on with the Tizen OS and the Unity gaming engine at GDC2016,, the world's largest gaming event held in San Francisco.
Mar 17, 2016

The Game Developers Conference (GDC2016) is being held this year in San Francisco 14 - 18 March. This is the world’s largest annual gaming event, with an estimated 26,000 gamers and gaming professionals expected to gather and explore what are the latest trends for the gaming Industry.

Samsung, in cooperation with Unity, are showing off the unity 3D gaming engine and demonstrating how developers can develop games for the Samsung Z1 / Z3 Smartphones and also Tizen TV's.

Photos of Unity 3D game engine for Tizen




The Samsung TV Games and Samsung Mobile Z display booth at GDC 2016.




Images of a Unity-based car racing demo app being played on the Tizen platform.

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