Samsung's Gear Apps store gets integrated into the Galaxy App store starting today

Mar 31, 2016

Samsung announced today that it will be integrating the Gear Apps store into the larger Galaxy Apps store making it a one stop hub for all Samsung's smart devices related services. Gear devices users can find all the necessary apps,services and watch faces for their smartwatches under the 'Gear' Tab in the Galaxy Apps store. To the uninitiated, the Galaxy Apps store until now featured apps ranging from multiple categories like gaming, entertainment and productivity for Samsung's smartphones and tablets.



The most essential benefit of this integration is that Users can search for apps that have support for both Samsung's smartphones and Gear devices and install or uninstall them at the same time with the just a tap on the Phone App Also button. Updating and managing apps for both the devices gets a similar amount of benefit from the My Apps menu. Gear device (like the Gear S2) users can now preview paid apps before making a purchase.


As part of this new update, Samsung is giving away some cool looking complimentary designer made watch faces to Gear S2 users designed by popular watch face maker Mr. Time (Apposter Inc.).


Since the Galaxy App store is only compatible with Samsung's smartphones and tablets, Gear devices users having smartphones from other brands will have to stick with the Gear Manager app which at the time of writing this post has received an update.

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