Samsung global leader of TV market for 10th consecutive year

Mar 2, 2016

Samsung is the global leader in the TV market, which isn't exactly a surprise for anyone familiar with this segment of the IT world. Now, according to data released earlier this week, 2015 was the 10th consecutive year that Samsung has dominated the TV market with strong performance in its high end models.

In terms of sales Samsung achieved 27.5 percent of the global TV market and also 21 percent in shipments last year. Since 2006 Samsung has been the company to beat when it had only 14.2 percent of the the global TV sales.

Industry watchers said Samsung’s strong market presence is attributable to solid demand for its high-end models like its super-ultra high-definition TVs.

Samsung has been focused on dominating the Ultra HD division with the release of its 2015 lineup of UHD and SUHD TVs across their 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 series of TVs, in which they took up 34.1 percent of the global TV market

This year we should see similar TVs being launched as part of the 2016 range, but these models will support the Tizen 2.0 TV user Interface. The SUHD models will support the Integration of SmartThings Extend which will allow you to control your IoT Smart appliances.

The data was compiled by industry tracker IHS.

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