Petition to keep Samsung NX family alive, goes live !

ipetition has gone live in the hope of persuading Samsung to keep its NX range of smart cameras alive and continuing supporting cameras like the NX1 & NX500
Mar 29, 2016

The Samsung NX Tizen range of cameras has been widely received with critical acclaim for its image & video quality, as well as its extensive feature set. Unfortunately the future of these cameras is uncertain as the company has effectively stopped releasing rapid firmware updates for the camera range like it once did. This was a fact to be proud of as no other camera manufacturer came close to equally this feat.

The NX1 and NX500 were both last given an update back in August 2015 and there is nothing to suggest that more updates are on the way. The only official news has been that Samsung are to quit select markets. Rumours of a Nikon acquisition of the NX range surfaced in December 2015 but then were quickly dismissed. Then more rumours of a CES 2016 NX Camera announcement, but CES came and went with no news.

Now an online petition, called "Keep NX Alive" has gone live in the hope of urging Samsung to rethink its plans and continue with the NX camera and lens product lines.

Many of us are holding on to our beloved NX products and continue to use them routinely. Unfortunately, others have speculated that you are closing the NX camera division globally and have reluctantly moved onto your competitor’s products. This is not only hurting existing sales, but also prospective sales.


If you are Interested in signing the ipetition and also checking out some great videos created by the NX range, then please head on over to the homepage.

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