Samsung unveils a Smart Lighting Module for large scale IoT based Lighting solution

Mar 30, 2016

Samsung recently announced a new Smart Lighting Module (SLM) that features a wide range of connectivity options for smart lighting solutions in cities and large infrastructures. The SLM features standard connectivity options like DALI, Zigbee and Bluetooth to control the lighting systems. Samsung will be partnering with Daintree, Silver Spring Networks and FLIR to sample the module with their lighting solutions and is also expected to ship the SLM to OEMs from April.

The SLM has all the capabilities to be an IoT platform for lighting solutions, it features a script engine for flashing custom firmware into the module and Samsung claims that the SLM can also be updated via OTA updates wirelessly and even comes with power metering option to record energy consumption. The SLM can further connect with an array of sensors and drivers and can be controlled using smartphones,tablets,computers,etc. According to Samsung, the SLM can cut down development time by 50 percent or higher for OEMs to build a Smart Lighting device.

The SLM comes in a total of three variants; SLM-D, SLM-A and SLM-P.The SLM-D works on DC power and has a rating of 12 to 24V which can easily drive low power lighting systems like LEDs. The SLM-A on the other hand supports standard AC lines ranging from 110V to 277V while the SLM-P has similar ratings but comes with an additional power metering function.

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