Samsung to soon begin global release of it's SUHD TVs

Mar 26, 2016

Samsung recently announced that it's Tizen SUHD TVs will be hitting global market starting in a few weeks. The SUHD TVs from its 2016 line up were initially showcased at CES 2016, Las Vegas in January and have been doing well until now in Samsung's home country South Korea. TVs ranging from 49 to 88 inches and even curved TVs will be part of its global rollout

Unlike in 2015 when having a 4K panel on televisions was the new hype for Flagship TVs, this time around Samsung had to vest more importance on both hardware and software side of its flagship line up. The 2016 line up have a Quantum Dot display which Samsung claims to provide a wider color gamut compared to conventional LCD TVs and also exhibit higher brightness more efficiently. Samsung's SUHD TVs are also HDR (High Dynamic Range) enabled with an 1000 HDR technology providing better detailing and contrast of pictures.

On the software side, the Tizen based SUHD TVs have a new Smart Hub UX that Samsung claims to provide a hassle free user experience with all the content lying under one place as part of its "Singular Idea". Samsung's new remote control also aims to eliminate multiple remote controls for different appliances, it is unclear on how the tech works but we might soon get a closer look on it.


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