Samsung unveils smart TVs with QQ messenger in China

Mar 22, 2016

During Samsung China Forum held on March 2 in Shanghai, Samsung unveiled a TV that has QQ messenger pre-loaded on the TV. To those unaware, QQ messenger owned by Tencent is one of China's most popular messenger with over a 500 million active users. Samsung's new TV will let users chat and exchange media with others. Most of QQ messenger's features like group chat and timeline will also be available on the TV's big screen. It isn't clear whether the TV will support sharing files other than pictures and videos on QQ and how it can be done, at the moment.

Samsung also showcased a family TV feature that aims to make TV viewing and listening experience comfortable for people with visual and hearing impairments. Samsung explained that this can be achieved by making adjustments to picture and audio quality and modify font size to an user's liking.

Samsung also showcased a wide range of its home appliances launched earlier this year at the event. The SUHD TVs which come with Quantum dot display and HDR technology, The Smart Family Hub Refrigerator which has a 21.5 inch Full HD display on it, The Addwash Washing machines and the AX7000 and AX5000 series were all showcased at the event.

In addition to it, Samsung also had a few enterprise solution products also displayed at the event. It's UHF-E series 1.4mm bezel-to-bezel spacing world’s thinnest video wall commercial displays and its Android based MX7 series multi-function printers (MFPs) were part of these enterprise solution products.



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