Samsung Z1 successor for 2016 in the works, SM-Z150

Samsung are said to be working on a newer Tizen 2016 version of the Z1 model number SM-Z150 . Specs are limited at the moment, but more coming soon.
Mar 11, 2016

The Samsung Z1 was the first Tizen Smartphone that launched January 2015. Now, a year later there are rumours surfacing of a Samsung Z1 refreshed 2016 model that is being worked on by the Korean tech giant.

The device is being referred to as a Z1 (2016) with model number SM-Z150 and could come with a AMOLED display, similar to the one found in the Samsung Z3. Details are limited at the moment, but surely we will know more over the coming weeks and months.

The Z1 was always targeted at the budget smartphone market or people that are leaving feature phones to explore new playing grounds. But we would hope that the newer 2016 model has a little more processor power and RAM to help it tackle bigger apps that need those type of resources. We also reported on the Z5 being tested in India, so it will be good to see both of these devices come to market soon.

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