Exclusive: Samsung to Launch Z2 Tizen Smartphone (SM-Z200F) in 2016

Today we can reveal the next Tizen smartphone will be the Samsung Z2 with model number SM-Z120F, as well as model SM-Z150, both launching in 2016
Mar 30, 2016

Last year Tizen Experts exclusively revealed that the Samsung Z3 was going to be the next Tizen smartphone to be launched, after the Z1. The Z3 was seen as a huge improvement from the Z1 and therefore warranted skipping the Z2 model number.

Now, according to our Insiders the next Tizen Smartphone will be the named the Samsung Z2 with a model number SM-Z200F. Specific details are a bit scarce at the moment but the Z2 will improve on the specifications offered by the Z1. The device will have 1GB RAM, opposed to the 768MB of the Z1, and will be a 4G / LTE smartphone. There is also the possibility of it having a AMOLED screen, but that has not been confirmed yet. These improvements will hugely appeal to consumers of budget handsets but it depends on how much this will increase the overall cost of the handset compared to something like the original Z1.

There is also confirmation of a Smartphone with model number SM-Z150 that will launch in 2016, that we have previously reported on, but we have no further details on it at present or what the key differences between both models, the SM-Z150 and SM-Z200F, will be. We will hopefully have further details for you over the coming weeks.

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5 comments on “Exclusive: Samsung to Launch Z2 Tizen Smartphone (SM-Z200F) in 2016”

  1. Poor specs. And why is there absolute silence on Tizen 3.0. Tizen has become quite a frustrating experience just for the wait and the bad dev PR work. Tizen »steering group«, where are thee..

      1. Yes, the specs are sufficient, but my 2011 Samsung Captivate Glide has 1Gig RAM and probably similar processing power. And it has a full QWERTY keyboard! So I'm not impressed by this phone.
        How do you know Tizen 3.0 will be released end of the year? All I could find about it is a permeating silence, and a plethora of login-walled git repositories where a couple of guys seem sedulously at work. But no PR, at all, since the last milestone release.

        1. Tizen is a new OS , u can't install it on a smartphone with more power, than Samsung says They will make Tizen for runs on very low budget devices and than they come with better devices!

          And They must develop Apps for Tizen !

          I like to see Tizen on a Galaxy S5 or something else with more power to but they need time for more Apps , Games and new APIs!

          1. So actually, you tOo don't have any information on Tizen 3.0, right?


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