Samsung Z5 possibly launching second half of 2016, without Tizen 3.0 ?

More Information has surfaced suggesting the the next Tizen Smartphone, the Samsung Z5, could be launch / release in the second half of 2016.
Mar 3, 2016

We have reported previously that it looks like another Tizen Smartphone is currently being developed, the Samsung Z5, keeping in line with Samsung's "Z-line" series of handsets. We have seen parts being Imported into India for testing. This was the same testing and importing cycle that we have seen previously with the Samsung Z1 and Z3.

The current Smartphone range has been quite a hit in India as it has already sold in the millions during 2015. This is quite an achievement in our opinion considering there was limited marketing, especially for the Z3, and limited market availability as the Z1 was only distributed in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The Z3 has been only made available in India to date.

Now, a Samsung Electronics spokesperson has stated, “We don’t have clear information yet on Samsung Z5's release date, but it will take some time to launch the new model.” This will mean that a Z5 launch will not happen in the first half of this year. Many expect the next Tizen model smartphone to come equipped with Tizen 3.0, the next evolution in the Operating System, but at this moment in time that does not seem feasible to us considering the amount of Integration work that is still left to be carried out.

We expect the specifications to be in line with the following: Snapdragon 801 processor (or similar), 5.1 inch screen Full HD screen, 2GB RAM, NFC, Infrared and Fingerprint sensor would not put it in the global flagship category, but it would definitely be a high end phone just not cutting edge. The user interface is also expected to offer a better user experience, and maybe more inline with this Samsung SeQ 9000 concept video that emerged yesterday.

We have been waiting for a device to hit the shores of Russia and other European countries, so this could possibly mean a Z3 and Z5 release?

Keep following Tizen Experts for all developments on the Z5 story.

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