Samsung, working in collaboration with motocross star Edo Mossi and YouTube influencer Cane Secco, have developed a prototype motorcycle windscreen. The device connects with your Smartphone to project information about messages, emails, calls, as well as directions for navigation, straight onto the Windshield Normally we would expect the connection to be completed by Bluetooth but it appears that WiFi is being used here. You are also able to reply to certain types of messages using a predefined message, something like “I’m riding my bike and I’ll get in touch soon”.


Samsung feels, and we presume Yamaha agrees as they provided a motorcycle for installation, that a rider needs to concentrate on the road as much as possible, and this type of heads up display helps. Also if the user is better Informed about their messaging they can take a break at a convenient time to reply.

According to sources close to the development of the device it actually runs the Tizen Operating System (OS). There is no Information to what particular Tizen version or profile that is being Implemented at the moment, but we will keep digging. There is no news on actual release dates and it is felt that we are potentially looking into a few years before mass production can begin.