Twitter trends comes to your Gear S2 as a new watch face

Twitter trends comes to the Tizen based Samsung Gear S2 by Samsung via the Twitter Trends app that has been released in the Gear App Store.
Mar 1, 2016

If you're a serious twitter user that likes knowing what's happening around the world courtesy of twitter trend updates, then Samsung has a great watch face just for you. Twitter-holics will now be able to check the latest twitter trends straight from your S2, without the need of taking your precious Smartphone out of your pocket.


Samsung have released a new app and a watch face for your Gear S2. You need to install the Trends for Gear app as well as the Trends Watch face for Gear, which are both available from the Samsung Gear Apps store. Once Installed you need to set the twitter trends watch face as your active watch face.

You will now be able to see the top twitter trends and also be able to check the latest tweets with this hashtag. This app was originally announced when the S2 was announced so it has taken a bit of time making it to market.


Thanks for the tip henklbr.

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