Video: Get rid of your Monday blues with Snoopy watch-faces on your Gear S2

Snoopy, the lovable cartoon character comes to your Gear S2 via a new watch face that has been released by Samsung, downloadable from the Gear App Store.
Mar 7, 2016

Customization becomes a great deal to consumers when it comes to wearables with smartwatches in particular, so as to ensure that the user is completely satisfied with the product. Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch takes this challenge up a notch with Samsung having launched multiple variants of the Gear S2 along with multiple straps which can easily be swapped on the smartwatch. The vast library of watch-faces are another aspect of the Gear S2 which can make it look like a new device everyday.

During the launch of the Rose Gold and Platinum editions of the Gear S2 classic during CES 2016, Samsung had announced that it will be introducing new watch faces including Peanuts characters and artworks from Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeremyville and Burton Morris. With the rich legacy that Peanuts has, Samsung is now using Snoopy watch-faces to advertise the Gear S2. The watch-face is currently available from the Samsung Gear Apps, and we sure insist you to have a look at it and make the most out of your Gear S2 with Snoopy showing you the time right on your wrist.


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