Tizen concept video emerges for the Samsung ZeQ 9000 Smartphone

Mar 3, 2016

2014 was the year when Samsung had almost launched the first Tizen smartphone, the Zeq 9000. NTT DoCoMo of Japan were expected to be launching the device, however the firm took a step backward from the deal and decided that the market was not yet ready for Tizen based smartphones. Now, after two year since this smartphone made news, a concept video of the ZEQ 9000 has surfaced online providing us with a hint on what we are currently missing on the Z1 and Z3 that the ZEQ 9000 could have boasted.

The device has an UI that is familiar with Windows phone Users for its live Tiles and display info on the go. The way these tiles can be resized to make use of the screen's real estate is also a seamless transition. Samsung had also ensured an easy way of sharing documents with Keepit. The phone also comes with some of Samsung's famous apps that were introduced during the launch of the Galaxy S4 like the Group Play app that syncs with multiple smartphones to play the same music on all the phones at once. S Memo is another app that the ZEQ 9000 would have come pre installed and let users scribble or doodle on the phone easily. The Home Screen of the device can also adapt to an user's lifestyle and show content related to the user's liking.


Unlike the Z1 and Z3 that come with a low performance Hardware, the ZEQ 9000 according to this leak we had posted long back in 2014 was supposed to pack some flagship grade specifications of that time with a 4.8inch HD (1280x720p) display and the highly capable Snapdragon 800 SOC which has seen itself being used on some of the best smartphones of that time like the Nexus 5, Xiaomi Mi3, etc.




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