Do you want to BETA test Gear Manager on Samsung Z3 for Gear S2 ?

Samsung Gear Manager app comes one step closer to being released for Tizen Smartphones like the Z3 / Z5 and Z1 2016 model. Cast your vote for beta testing
Mar 11, 2016

Today, we come one step closer to getting Gear Manager for the Samsung Z3 coming to life as Samsung has began a Beta testing Poll. Users can now provide some feedback if they would like to join the beta group and test the Z3 with or without the Gear S2 smartwatch.

The Samsung Z had Gear Manager running on it in 2014 at the Tizen Developer Conference and also the Tizen Developer Summit. Since then, according to our sources, it has had a complete re-write and is currently still under development.


Poll Questions

  • I own the “All new Gear S2” and am keen to participate in the Gear Manager(Beta) for Samsung Z3.
  • I do not own the “All new Gear S2” but still interested to participated in Gear Manager(Beta) for Samsung Z3.
  • I do not own the “All new Gear S2” and hence cannot participate in this BETA.


The Gear Manager app will be compatible with the Z3, but NOT the Z1 as we presume it's because the app requires more resources in terms of memory and processor than this device can offer. Possibly it will be compatible with Z1 2016 model and the Samsung Z5.


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