Asphalt 8: Airborne comes to the Tizen store to take over Z1 and Z3 users

One of Gameloft’s most popular racing game, Asphalt 8: Airborne, now available for the Samsung Z1 & Z3. Android, iOS and Windows phone and now Tizen
Apr 5, 2016

Its a huge news for Samsung Z1 and Z3 users out there who have been dying to play some graphic intensive games on their Tizen smartphone. One of Gameloft's most popular racing game, Asphalt 8: Airborne that has hit some record number of downloads on Android, iOS and Windows phone platforms is now available on the Tizen Store absolutely FREE! The Game brings in a high flying action filled racing experience where you get to drive a car to win races and accomplish special tasks in each race to win coins and and stars in return.


One of the coolest things about Asphalt 8 is that it features real super cars with a total of 56 super cars to choose ranging from a Dodge Dart GT and all the way up to Mercede-Benz Silver Lightning. The cars are divided into a total of 5 classes; D,C,B,A,S with S being the highest of the classes. To keep you hooked into the game, Gameloft have made sure that you've to earn your way up to unlock all the cars with coins that you get by winning races in career mode or special events hosted by Gameloft's community servers, alternately you could take the easy way around by spending your real money to purchase coins as an in app purchase. All the cars have a nitro tank to give you that much needed boost at crucial moments during the race and you get to refuel the Nos with bottles present all over the track or by performing drifts,knockdowns and high flying stunts.


The career mode includes a total of 8 seasons with a number of types of races under each season. You get to race in a total of 9 life like tracks with a lot of attention given to detail including glare under direct sunlight (which can be a serious pain at times). Just like the cars, each season has to be unlocked by achieving a pre-defined number of stars, It might seem easy in the beginning but it gets real hard as you grow deep into the game. Keeping your cars in good shape from the garage could help you in the process.


Have no second thoughts and head over to the Tizen Store to download this killer game. The app measures around 15MB on the store and requires a whopping 1.08GB of additional data to be downloaded within the game. A few users have reported it being difficult to download the additional data and we figured out the best way to download it is over WiFi by setting the screen time out in settings menu to 10 minutes, hook it up to the wall charger or a power bank and have a look at the download progress every 10 minutes (that's a lot of work, hope Gameloft fixes it with an update).
With the arrival of a Processor and GPU challenging game like Asphalt 8 into the Tizen Store, its a clear sign that app developers are finding interest in the platform and the ball's now in Samsung's court to come up with Tizen based smartphones with more powerful hardware.


Check out the video below showing you the game play on the Samsung Z3.

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