Gameloft's Bubble Bash 3 unveiled for the Gear S2

Apr 7, 2016

In a reminder of how powerful current gen smartwatch hardware is, Gameloft has released one of its viral smartphone games Bubble Bash 3 for the Gear S2. The rules of the game can be related to that of tetris with the user having to shoot bubbles on a stack of more bubbles which burst when the color of the bubbles match earning coins in return. Gameloft has ensured to keep you addicted to the game with over 120 levels to spend your time on. The app is available for download from Galaxy App store and the Gear apps from the smartphone paired with the Gear S2

While, using the small touchscreen on a smartwatch is almost illogical for gaming, that's where the design marvel of the Gear S2 kicks in. Gameloft has assigned the controls of the game to the rotating bezel of the Gear S2, meaning you just have to turn the bezel of the smartwatch to aim at the bubbles.

Games like Bubble Bash 3 do not make use of the complete horse power of a current gen smartwatch SOC, however there have been instances in the past when more demanding games like Grand Theft Auto III have been tested to run successfully on smartwatches like the Android Wear based Samsung Gear Live. Times like that doesn't seem to be far away for the Tizen based Gear S2.


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