First Gear Manager for iOS / iPhone leaked online

Gear Manager, the app used to connect your gear s2 smartwatch to your smartphone has had the iOS / iPhone version leaked online and is available to download
Apr 14, 2016


Gear Manager for iOS / iPhone leaks

Gear Manager, the app used to connect Samsung Gear smartwatches to smartphones, has so far been released for Android and also a BETA for Tizen. It was confirmed in January that there is an iOS version for iPhone in the works and that we could potentially see it released by the end of March.

Well today we find that the Gear Manager for iOS app has been leaked online. Now before everyone starts getting the champagne out we need to keep in mind this is from an unknown source at this moment in time, so we can not vouch for its safety and you download and install at your own risk.

Seeing leaks surfacing will usually point to the final release not being too far off, but then it could be days, weeks or months. In order to sideload the .ipa file onto your iPhone it will need to be jailbroken.


Here is the download file: (iTunes)_GearManager1416032201.ipa

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