Samsung Checkout on TV brings easy and secure phone-free payments to the big screen

Deidre Richardson
Apr 28, 2016

Samsung is the no. 1 world leader in TV sales, with the company having sold more than 427 million TVs worldwide in the last decade. With such a wide customer base, the Korean giant has a golden opportunity to bring major changes to the Smart TV experience that will leave an indelible mark on the intersection of Internet and Television for years to come.

Consumers are becoming comfortable and receptive to the idea of mobile payments on smartphones, but some customers prefer a larger screen for a surround sound theater-like home viewing experience.

To this end, Samsung is bringing its Samsung Checkout on TV payment service to the big screen to allow customers the flexibility to pay for what they want, on the display size they want - without distraction, without fumbling around for a smartphone in the dark to order a late-night pizza, for example.

For developers, Samsung Checkout on TV prevents the additional work of preparing an additional billing system for customer payments. Developers need only work on perfecting their apps, leaving Samsung to "tie them all together" into an intuitive experience.

Samsung Checkout on TV - What is It?

Samsung Checkout on TV is a payment system for goods and services on Samsung's own Smart TVs. Samsung Checkout on TV, now available in 53 countries, accepts credit cards, PayPal, and even carrier payments as well.

Samsung Checkout on TV in action: How It Works

Say a user sees a movie preview on a commercial and decides he or she wants to buy the movie (it's available for purchase now). In such a situation, the user need only choose the method of payment (PayPal or credit/debit), then enter his or her own 4-digit PIN to pay for it. At that point, the payment is complete and the user gets to watch the movie in a matter of seconds.

Not only can you use Samsung Checkout on TV for movies, but also to purchase games, HBO subscriptions, free trials, coupon vouchers, and even game streaming and in-app purchases.



Already there are more than 50 games consumers can download and more than 500 they can stream, though GameFly and Playstation Now. HBO Now is allows users to sign up for subscription information via Samsung Checkout simply by entering the user’s email address.

Samsung Checkout on TV benefits developers and consumers

We've said above that Samsung Checkout on TV benefits developers because they need not create an individual billing system to offer the convenient functionality of Samsung's TV payment service. Samsung offers developers six APIs that handle everything from ab purchase request to the actual purchase and cancellation (subscription cancellations, too): 1) Request Purchase, 2) Request Products, 3) Verify Purchase, 4) Subscription Cancel, and 5) Apply Product. Consumers pay for their purchases through BuyItem, an API that places goods and services payments on the screen itself.


Samsung's Checkout on TV benefits consumers because it allows them to pay for goods and services in a secure environment, using the Korean giant's own Secure Keyboard and Numpad to protect consumer data input. In the same way the Korean giant ensures via tokenization that your fingerprints are protected on its most recent Android smartphones such as the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and Galaxy Note 5, the Korean giant has also worked hard to ensure that your data is safe and protected on its Smart TVs.



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