Samsung announces availability of 2016 SUHD TVs for the US

Apr 13, 2016

Samsung has announced details of its 2016 line up of SUHD TVs for the US. And is bring in a whopping 16 different TV sets that are all UHD-A’s Premium UHD certified and fall under a total of 5 series which also includes a Flagship model series dubbed as the KS9800 series. Samsung has been hard at work on the software end of its new range of TVs and has made huge claims on its revamped Tizen based platform for its SUHD TVs.


The 2016 line up of SUHD TVs have quantum dot display panels which Samsung claims are capable of delivering brightness levels of 1000 nits and offer High Dynamic Range (HDR) for better contrasts and details. All the TVs feature Samsung's Smart Hub Interface which is part of Samsung's singular idea vision. The tech enables Samsung's smart TVs to automatically detect Set Top Boxes, Satellite services, Gaming consoles, Blueray players hooked into the TV's HDMI port and integrate them into the TV's ecosystem so deep that, the Remote Control provided along with the TV is all that the user needs to all the connected devices and the best part is, there's no manual setup needed to do this.


  • The flagship KS9800 will be priced at $4,499 for the 65" model and will go all the way upto $19,999 for the 88" model.
  • The KS9500 range of curved SUHD TVs start with a price of $2,499 for the 55" model and will reach up to $7,999 for the 78" variant.
  • The KS9000 series of SUHD Flat TVs come with a price of $2,299 for the 55" inch model and the highest variant is a 75" model costing $6,499.
  • The KS8500 range of curved SUHD TVs are priced starting at $1,699 for the 49" model and go upto $2,999 for the 65" set.
  • The KS8000 series of SUHD flat TVs are priced with the initial 49" model costing $1,499 and cost up to $2,799 for the 65" model.

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