SmartThings adds 4 new products to its compatibility list for the UK

Apr 8, 2016

Samsung's subsidiary brand SmartThings that's been bringing solutions for consumer and smart homes based IoT recently announced compatibility for four smart home products in the UK which include the Belkin WeMo LED Bulb, Belkin WeMo Switch Outlet, Logitech Harmony, Aeotec Siren (Gen 5). These products can now be paired directly with Samsung SmartThings Hub without the need of proprietary hubs provided by the manufacturer of each products. All the products can then be controlled (switch on/off and alter conditions) from an user's Android, Windows or iOS device through the SmartThings app eliminating the hassles of downloading multiple applications to control those devices.


Belkin's WeMo LED Bulb is a 10W smart bulb that can be turned on or off and even control brightness via a compatible app (now with the smartthings app). The Belkin WeMo switch on the other hand provides the smartness of the LED bulb to almost every regular electrical appliances plugged into it. Apart from turning on or off from the app, users can even schedule the time of operation remotely from any part of the world as long as you're hooked over the internet. The Logitech harmony is a universal remote control capable of controlling a wide range of electronic devices by means of IR, Bluetooth and WiFi it comes with a companion app to manage all the appliances and acquire relevant information regarding them from the internet. The AeoTec Siren (Gen 5) is a siren made for home safety and warn users from dangers like home intrusions,fire hazards,emergencies and falls.


While, SmartThings Hub has now been given the ability to pair with these products (and a whole lot more), the same products can soon be controlled from Samsung's range of Tizen powered Smart TVs as Samsung is in the works of making a SmartThings Hub like device that can be hooked to its TVs.


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