Game: Bun Wars - Heroes of Epic Saga HD for Samsung Z1 and Z3

Apr 11, 2016

Buns wars is a new game that is promises to have a new style, new dynamics, new standards, and all with excellent graphics! You have to defend your castle from the crowds of enemy units and when I say crowds I mean Up to 5000 units per battle, and 1000 units per attack and they all rush to the gate of your beloved castle. This is a strategy type game and you have to develop your skills fast in order to survive.



  • 3D landscape
  • 2 worlds and 24 exciting battles
  • 16 monsters plus defenders
  • 4 types of towers, each of which has three levels of improvement
  • The height of the landscape affects a long range of towers and enemy units
  • All the buildings are in close collaboration with the enemy units (can be attacked and destroyed)
  • Freedom in the construction of the towers and obstacles
  • Advanced artificial intelligence of units
  • A large number of units involved in the battle at the same time ( up to 1000 attack)
  • Excellent graphics
  • Colorful effects, built on system of particles



The game was Initially in the Tizen store for $2.99 but now it's free. Download file size is 187.83MB so ti is advised to use WiFi. Happy gaming !

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