Major Tizen Store update for both consumers and developers goes online !

Apr 1, 2016


Tizen Store Improvements for Consumers

Today, the Tizen Store received a major update in terms of both the user Interface for consumers and also back end for developers that will be discussed later. Just in case you didn't know the Tizen Store is the online shop that houses all the current smartphone apps. The Store will begin automatically updating itself once it is launched, taking it to version 1.5.0. The new app has a much simpler layout that provides you version number, file size and ratings at a glance.



Now whilst you are in the store browsing a list of apps you have the option of either going into the app listing for more details or you can use the newly added download or launch icons (depending if the app is Installed). This simple change really helps when you want to quickly Install multiple apps.

Seller office Improvements for Developers

There are a couple of major services that have launched for app developers, as well as overall system bug fixes and improvements.

1. Beta Test Service Now Open

The Beta App Test Service has launched that lets you test your app before final store submission. You are able to get user feedback, feature improvements and fix errors. At the moment only Tizen 2.4 is supported but there are plans for Tizen 2.3 to also be supported.

  • Application pre-test before app publishing officially
  • Testing the update of applications by Tizen Store client
  • Test of Purchasing applications and Items via Tizen Store
  • Usability test by specific testers

2.Automatic translation service for App description

This is an automatic translation service for the app description, so you only need to use English and have it automatically translated into Hindi and Indonesian with support for additional languages to be added in the future.

These improvements are really pushing the overall app experience in the right direction and well done to the Tizen Store Team !


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