Samsung's advertisement for the Family Hub Refrigerator is as crazy as the Fridge itself!

Apr 27, 2016

Home appliances like refrigerators despite being an essential part of every home usually don't get the same amount of attention as a consumer electronics product like a smartphone or a game console at most Tech shows. But Samsung followed the 'rules are meant to be broken' path at CES 2016 back in January where the company unveiled the Family Hub Refrigerator which had a huge 21.5 touchscreen mounted on one of its front-door. It runs a version of Tizen OS  and has some interesting features like displaying contents of the fridge without the user having to open the door (yes, there are cameras inside this fridge too!), order groceries right from the fridge, keep a check of the contents of the fridge and get notifications sent to a connected smartphone when stocks plument.The fridge can even play multimedia content from the internet and also mirror your Television screen.

The Family Hub Refrigerator has 4 different variants based on color and capacity and have been priced between $5,599 to $5,999. With all such crazy tech stuffed into the refrigerator, Samsung obviously wanted a crazy television commercial to advertise the product. Hollywood celebrity couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell star in the ad and are seen stuffing the fridge with groceries. Also the star of the ad- A bottle of chocolate syrup! The ad will certainly remind you of Toy Story and Night At The Museum kind of movies as all the groceries in the fridge magically become alive as soon as the fridge door is closed and that's when things start getting creepy as almost every single grocery product start to make-out with their grocery partner except for our forever alone star the chocolate syrup.

It's safe to say, had Samsung replaced these animated characters with humans, it would have most certainly been a NSFW kind of videos. Watch the video below to know what we are talking about.


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