App: Places for the Samsung Gear S2

Find shopping, cash machines, restaurants and more that are nearby. No more need to yelp on your Gear S2, now find 1000's of locations near you with Places
May 24, 2016

As a traveller, what do you do when you get to a new place and you need to find something ? Well as a Samsung Gear S2 owner you could yelp, but now there is another option Gear Places, created by Mobiteka. Using the app you can find thousands of interesting nearby places including restaurants or cash machines, the stuff that us globetrotters need.

Gear Places features

  • Finding places by category (nine main categories and almost seventy subcategories)
  • Voice search
  • Text search
  • Place details like address, phone, webpage, rating, opinions, photo gallery, location on map
  • Turn by turn navigation to desired place (only when Gear Navigator app is installed)
  • All directly on your watch (no additional applications are installed onto phone)
  • Places data (POI) provided by Google
  • Map images provided by Google




Available to download from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

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