App: UC Mini Browser for Samsung Z1 and Z3

May 28, 2016

This week has seen the release of another much in demand app, UC Mini Browser for the Samsung Z1 and Z3. What's so good about this little browser? Isn't a browser just a browser? Well no actually.

This little browser offers some great features that many users from the Indian sub-continent will really appreciate, hence users have been asking for it for a while now. Things like being able to watch videos from webpages "offline" has been greatly received. Also the built in Ad blocking means web pages load faster and it gives you a smoother experience.




  • UI Enhancement Multiple start screens with the ability to organise your web apps into folders.
  • Watch offline, keep your favourite videos from web pages to your phone.
  • Customized themes and wallpapers you change the way UC Browser looks by downloading themes center.
  • Incognito browsing for your convenience and privacy when you activate Incognito browsing your browsing history will not be recorded
  • Ad blocking intelligent blocking of advertisements in WWW sites without breaking the layout of the webpages.
  • Screen shot take screen shot of any webpage and scribble what you want to mark on the shots.


This is an ACL enabled app, which means you need to Install ACL before you are able to run this app.

Other ACL enable apps

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