No more Android Wear watches says Samsung, Tizen all the way !

Time to get serious about Tizen and Samsung wearables as the company says it is done with Android wear, Tizen is the future of their wearable products.
May 24, 2016


No more Android Wear says Samsung

Samsung has been getting pretty serious about its Smartwatches and has certainly excelled with its latest creation, the Tizen based Gear S2. The company has had a little dabble with Android wear in the past, with the Galaxy Gear Live, and since has been focusing on Tizen. According to a report from Fast Company stating that "no more Samsung Android Wear devices are in development or being planned." This is according to a Samsung executive. The report goes further to say that Samsung executives are going with Tizen because it's "far more battery-efficient than Android Wear" and "the standard OS on other Samsung products from TVs to refrigerators."

We're not surprised to see Samsung part ways with Android Wear, Google's wearables platform. Having eyes to see Samsung's long-term goals, we predicted that the Gear S2 was as close to a Gear Live 2 as Samsung fans would get -- and our prediction was given back in December, 5 months ago.
The Tizen Operating System (OS) is being used by Samsung in its robot vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, some smartphones, TVs, smart cameras, and will also lead its charge into the Internet of Things (IoT). The decision to exclusively use the OS it in wearables products makes sense as they have full access to the source code and can heavily influence its development.

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One comment on “No more Android Wear watches says Samsung, Tizen all the way !”

  1. This is actually good news. Tizen runs very well on smartwatches and it's lightweight. Plus it gives Samsung more flexibility when implementing new features? Just speculation ..


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