Samsung still undecided on their Android Wear future

Yesterday there was news that Samsung will be ditching Android Wear in favour of Tizen, but today in a statement that doesn't seem to be the case.
May 25, 2016

Yesterday the Internet lit up like a Christmas tree with the news that Samsung was no longer going to use Android Wear for any of its Smartwatches, but it seems that might not be quite the case. The report from Fast Company cited some Samsung executives confirming that Samsung was not looking into developing any further Android Wear products. Now, In a statement provided to the Engadget website Samsung states: "We disagree with Fast Company's interpretation. Samsung has not made any announcement concerning Android Wear and we have not changed our commitment to any of our platforms."

So from the above we can safely say that Samsung has not ruled out not using Android wear in any future Samsung "Live" smartwatches, but then again it hasn't stated it will, it's just keeping its options open. Android Wear is an already crowded market place for smartwatches with Huawei, Sony, Motorola, Tag, Casio, LG, Asus, and Fossil all trying to get their slice of the "pie". The only thing that these hardware manufacturers can customise is the actual hardware and they are not allowed to touch the software by Google. To us at Tizen Experts this type of control stagnates innovation and without innovation how can one truly differentiate themselves against the competition ? You can't.

Roll on the Gear S3 and lets all forget this talk of Android Wear 😉

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